Knowledge Is Power

JCB LiveLink is an innovative software system that lets you monitor and manage your machines remotely – online or by email. LiveLink gives you access to a whole host of useful data, including machine alerts, fuel reports* and event history information.

JCB Livelink is now fitted as standard across most JCB machines*. All you need to do is log in to see the features and benefits JCB Livelink delivers:


  • Better planned maintenance: JCB Livelink allows you to set service alerts, plus Greenshields JCB can monitor your machines and use the data to guarantee timely maintenance.
  • Optimized fleet utilisation: JCB: Livelink presents you with a complete picture of your fleet 24/7 allowing you to identify opportunities for even greater productivity.
  • More accurate invoicing: JCB LiveLink gives equipment rental companies an extremely precise record of machine usage for more accurate invoicing.
  • Increased uptime: JCB LiveLink allows you or Greenshields JCB to better manage machine maintenance for maximum operating time.
  • Easy asset recovery after theft: JCB LiveLink means you always know where your machine is, making it much easier to recover in case of theft.
  • Improved business systems efficiency: JCB Livelink helps you to manage your fleet most effectively for maximum productivity and business systems efficiency.
  • Improved logistics: JCB Livelink gives you an at-a-glance guide to the location and usage of every machine in your fleet, allowing you to plan and manage work more cost efficiently.
  • Lower insurance premiums: JCB Livelink enhances machines security by allowing you to accurately track its whereabouts, leading to lower insurance premiums.