JCB Contractor Breaker range

Traditionally, there are machine manufacturers and then there are breaker manufacturers – uniquely, however, JCB now offers a contractor breaker range designed to work in perfect harmony with our machines, and other brands of excavator and breaker carriers.

Benefits of the JCB Contractor Breaker range:

  • Our contractor breaker range consists of one simple scaled design for easy servicing across the range.
  • Only need to train service engineers once if operating a mixed fleet.
  • Confidence that the combination of JCB machine and contractor breaker is fully approved, and compliant with the Machinery Directive and CE marked as appropriate.
  • Three years JCB Warranty as standard giving you piece of mind (excluding wear parts).
  • Refillable auto greasing system to ensure correct lubrication and improved serviceability on the HM080T and above.
  • Auto stop feature on HM080T and above to reduce blank firing and protect unnecessary wear and damage to the breaker from an inexperienced operator.
  • Stroke adjusters on HM054T models and above allow the operator to adjust tool speed and stroke length for increased productivity and reduced risk of damage to breaker or carrier.
  • Accumulators on the HM026T and above protect the carrier machine from hydraulic pressure spikes, which reduces wear and tear on the machine hydraulics.
  • Internal control valves deliver higher efficiency and are least vulnerable compared with competitive products that feature external valves.