Hydraulic hitches

JCB Hydraulic Hitches Launched

Hydraulic hitches

JCB Hydraulic Hitches

JCB Attachments is introducing two improved hydraulic hitches for JCB’s mid-weight JS excavators. The hitches suit machines in the 13-14 tonne sector and the 20-22 tonne market.

Typically, hydraulic hitches can save up to 25% of total machine operating time compared to direct mounting or a mechanical hitch.

The new hydraulic hitches offer:

  • Proven positive locking design with front and rear lock
  • Compact design for improved machine breakout force
  • No greasing requirements for low maintenance and ease of use
  • The ability to reverse buckets to excavate under walls and pipes
  • A hose guide on the tipping link for extra protection
  • ISO 13031 standard

Maximum security

The two new hitches fit both crawler and wheeled JS excavators. The hitches feature a positive locking system in which the front safety lock forces into its default position by a spring, which retains and locks the attachment pin. The hitches use the rear lock as a secondary safety feature, backed up by two powerful springs. This retains the attachment’s rear pin in the event of a cylinder failure.

Variable pin centre designs make the hitches suitable for use with a wide range of attachments. They have an open frame design to prevent material build-up and there are no grease points, cutting regular maintenance and boosting productivity. Both front and rear pin hooks are painted, to make them visible to the operator in the cab. There is also a heavy-duty lifting eye on the end of the hitch that is CE tested and certified.

JCB Attachments has improved the hose routing to the hitch and there is now a guide on the hitch’s tipping link to prevent snagging and damage to hoses.

Simple to use

To operate the hitch the machine driver presses and holds the hitch switch in the cab for one second until a buzzer sounds and the hitch light on the boom activates. An unlocked image also appears on the machine’s main console. The buzzer continues to sound and flashing lights indicate as the hitch is unlocks. Once the operator has changed the bucket or attachment, they simply crowd the bucket service to position the attachment in a safe position and fully close the hitch jaws around the attachment pins. A prompt on the machine display ensures that the operator has checked the attachment security, with a press of the dial required to confirm this.

The smaller of the two new hitches is for the JS130, JS131, JZ140, JS145 and the JS145W. The larger model is for the JS200, JS210 and JS220 models. Both hitches are available as line fit items, or can be ordered through Greenshields JCB as an aftermarket offering.

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