A-Plant and Greenshields JCB Generators provide power solution


A-Plant is one of Greenshields JCB’s longest standing customers. As one of the UK’s leading plant hirers, A-Plant supplies to customers of all sizes, and covers a variety of industry sectors.

In addition, to their current range of JCB excavators, backhoe loaders and telehandlers, A-Plant has now invested in a number of JCB generators.

JCB Broadcown Generators

Two of the first units delivered were rental spec generators from the JCB Broadcrown range. The BCR120’s were for a specific contract – a new McDonalds in Derby – which required a temporary power solution. Whilst waiting for mains power connection, the client ordered a single generator but it became clear that they required a different solution.

Dave Ingram of A-Plant explains;

“The McDonalds in Derby is a 24/7 operation requiring a continuous supply of power. One unit can do the job, but – when the generator required its scheduled service and maintenance – the store had to close down. This clearly affected turnover.

Working with the client, we demonstrated the ability to link the two JCB BCR120 generators to run in parallel, sharing the load and eliminating downtime. While carrying out routine maintenance, one generator takes over full operation. In the unlikely event of a failure, the functioning generator takes over the load.”


JCB LiveLink

All of the generators are fitted with JCB Livelink telematics allowing real time monitoring. This allows the team to check fuel consumption, performance statistics and servicing schedules from a computer, tablet or phone. They will even have the ability to geo-fence the units which – in the event of a breach – will trigger an immediate warning.

Sychronised for extra power

The JCB generators also offer real flexibility as A-Plant can synchronise up to 32 generators. This achieves uninterrupted power supply for large, mission critical projects – such as live events, hospitals and data centres. And, when there is load variability on site, the load sharing feature comes into its own. For example, large applications  with power demand peaks, may need power from multiple generators during the working day, but not overnight. In this case, the JCB generators can be set up with parameters allowing a drop off in load to pre-defined levels. This saves fuel, engine hours and carbon emissions. As a result, it also eliminates the issue of light loading which can cause services issues and reduce engine life.

David Ingram has been impressed with their performance.

“The generators have performed fantastically well on this job. Now we have connected the mains power – we have moved the machines to another project. We’re confident that they will do everything asked of them on any job. Expanding our fleet with JCB generators enables us to present an effective power generation solution. We have developed the technical expertise in-house to support the varying needs of our customers.”

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