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JCB Ex-Demo machine sale

JCB Ex-demo

We have a selection of JCB ex-demo machines for sale, in stock and ready to go…

Our JCB ex-demo machines come fully equipped with quick hitches and buckets. They have  been tried and tested by our customers so have a few more miles on the clock than our new machines. However, they have loads of life left in them yet – come grab yourself a bargain!

See the range of current JCB ex-demos machines available


8025 ZTS

Year 2015 | 105 Hours | £19,980 +VAT

The JCB 8025 ZTS mid-sized mini excavator offers everything that a conventional tailswing does, with the added safety of ZTS zero tail swing.

Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 2806kg / 2833kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 2.58 / 2.45m
  • Maximum dump height: 3.15 / 2.70m



Year 2016 | 132 Hours | £32,695 +VAT | See full details

The JCB 48Z-1 excavator generates huge dipper tearout forces of up to 29kN. What’s more, by perfectly matching our boom and dipper, we’ve created optimal dig end geometry, helping you to work and load in confined areas with ease.

Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 4792kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 3.532m
  • Maximum Dump Height: 4.001m



Year 2016 | 148 Hours | £34,980 +VAT | See full details

These JCB excavators also offer you low cost of ownership, superior ergonomics, rigorous safety features, and easy servicing.

Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 6601kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 4.01m
  • Maximum dump height: 4.21kg



Year 2015 | 261 Hours | £44,495 +VAT | See full details

Year 2015 | 564 Hours | £44,695 +VAT

The 85Z has a JCB Diesel by Kohler common rail Stage IIIB/Tier 4 final compliant engine.  This engine doesn’t need a diesel particulate filter (DPF), reducing servicing, increasing uptime and improving fuel efficiency.

Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 8300kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 3.62m
  • Maximum dump height: 4.94m



Year 2015 | 358 Hours | £44,695 +VAT

The JCB 86C is a high performance productive mini excavator. Peak power and torque at low engine speeds makes for efficient cycles, and there’s a wealth of innovative design features to get the most from every drop of fuel.

Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 8600kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 4.37m
  • Maximum dump height: 5.39m


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