How basic JCB machine maintenance can help you live an easier life

Okay, okay, we know you’ve heard it lots of times but it’s true… The majority of machine breakdowns happen because of a lack of maintenance. So it really does pay to do a quick check over your JCB every now and then. And when we say now and then, ‘monthly’ is ideal.

Check out our machine maintenance list below to help keep your JCB safe and road worthy. More importantly, it will reduce your repair costs and generally make work easier for you. Now, who says they don’t need an easier work life?!

1. Digging is thirsty work; keep your machine hydrated

  • Hydraulic oil – the level on the sight gauge should be half way

Hydraulic oil

  • Engine oil – maximum on the dipstick

Engine oil

  • Coolant – level should be between cold min and cold max


  • Washer bottle – full

Washer bottle

  • Transmission oil – the engine needs to run for a few minutes before the level can be checked. Once the engine has warmed up and turned off, the level should be maximum on the dipstick

Transmission oil

2. Check the filters

  • Fuel filter – free from water and contamination

Fuel filter

  • Air filter – in good condition

Air filter

  • Radiator grill – free from debris and dirt to prevent overheating

Radiator grill

3. Get intimate with your JCB; take a 360 degree visual walk-around

  • Cab access – check the handrails on the door and cab plus steps up into the cab are secure

Handrails and steps

  • Tyres – free from cracks and in good condition; also ensure all wheel nuts are securely fastened

Tyre condition

  • Hoses – free from cracks and no leaks


  • Lights – test all lights (front, brake and beacons) are working, clean and free from cracks


  • Horn – in working order


  • Reversing aids – in good working order and sound when reversing

Reversing aids

  • Wipers – in good working order


  • Mirrors – clean and free from cracks


4. Become a grease monkey

  • Every pivot pin on your JCB has a greasing point; keep these lubricated using a greasing gun.

Greasing point
Greasing gun

And that’s it! An easy life guaranteed!

Something as simple as a regular application of grease to your JCB will keep it working to the best of its ability for longer. It will also make full servicing faster and cheaper.

Download and print out our quick reference checklist to help you on site. Remember to also refer to your Operators’ Manual when carrying out machine checks.


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