Hydraulic hitches

JCB Hydraulic Hitches Launched

JCB Hydraulic Hitches JCB Attachments is introducing two improved hydraulic hitches for JCB’s mid-weight JS excavators. The hitches suit machines in the 13-14 tonne sector and the 20-22 tonne market. Typically, hydraulic hitches can save up to 25% of total machine operating time compared to direct mounting or a mechanical hitch. The new hydraulic hitches […]

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JCB Proximity Braking System

JCB Proximity Braking System is launched

JCB Proximity Braking System JCB is launching a brand new safety system which reduces the risk of  on-site collisions between man and machine. The JCB Proximity Braking System (PBS) automatically sounds an alarm in the cab and applies the vehicle’s brakes if a person enters a pre-set exclusion zone around the machine. In addition the […]

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