VMT 160-80/90/100

The 1683 to 2040 kg VMT 160-80/90/100 is the smallest JCB road roller but it’s packed with innovative design features for maximum productivity.

The JCB VMT 160-80/90/100 road roller is designed to offer high productivity and reliability with maximum operating economy, excellent serviceability and operation safety. The ideal combination of static weights, centrifugal forces and amplitudes makes this roller compactor perfect for a wide range of both soil and asphalt applications, from rolling sub-base to finish rolling.

Thanks to excellent manoeuvrability and a compact design, VMT 160-80/90/100 compaction rollers are also ideal for a wide range of workplaces, including yards, access roads, residential streets, car parks, roads, highways and airports.

Weighing 1763 to 2050 kg and powered by a Kubota 17 kW motor, the VMT 160-80/90/100 is JCB’s smallest road roller. It has an operating width of 800 – 1000 mm and generates centrifugal forces of 9.2 to 18 kN. There’s an adjustable seat for comfort and productivity.

The VMT 160-80/90/100 is equipped with:

  • 800 – 1000 mm operating width
  • 17 kW Kubota motor
  • Versatile performance for a range of environments and surfaces
  • Single-piece circular eccentric shafts
  • Switchable drum vibration

VMT 160-80/90/100 Vibratory Tandem Rollers