VMP 18

The 177 kg JCB VMP 18 reversible plate compactor is heavier, wider and more powerful than the VMP 14. It’s powered by a 3.1 kW Hatz engine.

The JCB VMP-18 reversible plate compactor is hydrostatically operated and designed for use on granular and cohesive material. It weighs 177 kg and power is provided by a 3.1 kW Hatz engine. Working width is 450 mm and centrifugal force is 30 kN.

There are reversing and stationary features for confined areas and all directional control is lever-operated. The machine is in a roll cage that doubles as a lifting bail.

For operator comfort, specially balanced and isolated guide bars protect hands and arms from excessive vibrations. Finally, there’s a built-in device for attaching a vulcolan paving mat (an optional extra item for compacting paving stones and similar material).

  • Single forward/reverse control lever
  • Wear resistant, high grade cast damping plate
  • Isolated guide bar reduces hand arm vibration
  • Lifetime lubricated vibrator bearings
  • 3.1 kW Katz motor
  • 450 mm working width

Machine Specifications

  •  Operating Weight: 177kg
  • Plate Width: 450mm
  • Maximum Engine Power: 3.1kW

VMP 18 Reversible Vibratory Plates