VM 1500M 630/850

The 1500 kg VM 1500M 630/850 is JCB’s manually controlled multi purpose ground compactor . It’s designed for maximum productivity on a variety of different soils.

The VM 1500M 630/850 trench roller is a class-leading performer and, when you look at the spec, it’s easy to see why. JCB compaction rollers feature 4-drum drive steering and a centre-mounted vibration exciter system.

It also features an extremely high robustness considering the typical application in very confined areas for that kind of machine: all covers are made of robust steel to avoid damages.

There’s hydrodynamic braking, a quiet 16.8 kW 3-cylinder Kubota water-cooled engine, dual scrapers on each drum, an electric start and an engine pre-heater.

The JCB Vibromax VM 1500M 630/850 is equipped with:

  • 630 mm or 850 mm operating width as standard
  • 16.8 kW Kubota motor
  • Class-leading productivity
  • 4-drum drive steering
  • Centre-mounted vibration exciter system

Machine Specifications

  • Operating Weight: 1500KG
  • Centrifugal Force: 84KN
  • Maximum Engine Power: 16.8KW

VM 1500M 630/850 Multi Purpose Compactors