TLT 30-19E

The JCB TLT30-19E is part of a new generation of innovative products, producing zero emissions without compromising on performance.

The new TLT30-19E Electric Teletruk is part of the new generation of innovative products that utilise electric technology to access a whole new world of clean technology with zero harmful emissions and no compromise on performance.

The JCB Electric Teletruk has been designed for endurance with 8 hours of operation on a single charge and a battery change over time of just 2 minutes. It still maintains all the benefits of its diesel powered sibling, with its unique telescopic boom enabling you to fully load and unload a lorry from just one side, “solving space issues within loading bays”. It also features unrivalled visibility due to its non-obstructive mast and 111 degrees of carriage rotation making handling of non-palletised goods much easier and safer.

With Zero emissions at point of use it will allow contractors to work inside buildings and tunnels without the need for costly exhaust extraction systems and comply with emissions-sensitive inner city environments. The reduced noise also allows for work in urban streets to continue outside of normal working hours , without disturbing residents, as well as other noise sensitive environments.

“For additional peace of mind, the Teletruk comes with a 2 year JCB warranty on the machine, 3 year/6000 hours on Zapi drive and controls, plus a 1200 charge cycle warranty on the battery.”

The TLT30-19E Industrial Forklift is equipped with:

  • Marathon Classic 80V 625ah heavy duty battery with 8 hour charge life
  • JCB patented Load Motion Control preventing forward tips
  • Unique telescopic forward reach with a lift capacity of 1900Kg at 2M
  • Zero emissions at point of use
  • Unrivalled 360 degree visibility
  • Maximum lift height of 4.1m
  • Maximum lift capacity of 3000Kg

TLT 30-19 E | Electric Industrial Forklifts