A highly versatile, manoeuvrable and innovative backhoe-based machine and is a true all-rounder that isn’t limited to one use.

The construction, housing and infrastructure sectors face distinct geotechnical challenges. And JCB now offers a unique single-machine solution to help you save money, time and space.

The new JCB Pilingmaster is specially designed for the piling industry, offering you performance to rival traditional piling rigs. However, because this innovative machine is based on a backhoe loader, it’s a true all-rounder offering many benefits. It also helps save on time as it’s fast and easy to transport and requires fewer piling mat deployments.

With JCB the savings soon pile up!

The Pilingmaster comes equipped with:

  • 1.25 tonnes of head torque, 14m max dig depth
  • Reduced requirement for piling mats
  • Safe on site, all-day comfy and easy to service
  • Compatible with a wide range of augers and tools
  • Perfect boom geometry and great manoeuvrability – ideal for confined sites
  • Piling rig performance with backhoe loader versatility

Machine Specifications

  • Engine Power: 81kW
  • Maximum Drill Depth: 14M
  • Maximum Head Torque: 12500Nm

Pilingmaster Backhoe Loader