The JS180 is the 19 tonne model in the JCB range of heavy tracked excavators. An advanced hydraulic design and a durable frame provide fuel savings, productivity and long life.

The JCB JS180 is in the 19 tonne category of the JCB range of heavy tracked excavators. It’s engineered with exceptional strength, productivity, efficiency, comfort, safety and ease of maintenance.

A closed box section revolving frame increases strength and reduces stress. It also makes these 360 excavators highly resistant to impact damage.

JS180 tracked excavators are highly efficient machines. High power fuel efficient JCB EcoMAX engines deliver 17% more torque than outgoing models, but at low revs for great economy. Huge bucket tearout also makes our 360 excavators highly efficient on-site. Take into account too that JCB tracked excavators have long servicing intervals and rugged parts, and you begin to see just how efficient our machines are.

The JCB JS180 is equipped with:

  • Tier 4F compliant EcoMAX engine
  • Easily transportable for versatility and plant hire
  • Up to 10% fuel saving over outgoing model
  • 11839 kg bucket tearout
  • Class leading maintenance access
  • Robust, durable upper structure and doors
  • Spacious, comfortable cab design with excellent visibility

Machine Specifications

  • Operating Weight: 19398kg
  • Maximum Engine Power: 93kW

JS180 Large Excavators