The first true wheeled excavator. First for… visibility, stability, mobility, manoeuvrability and serviceability.

The JCB Hydradig is an all new 10.5 tonne compact wheeled excavator sector designed from the ground up. By moving the engine, tanks and ancillaries to the chassis, the machine delivers better…

  • Visibility – Total all round visibility from the operator’s seat in all directions with the ability to see all four wheels and ground level at a 1m perimeter around the Hydradig.
  • Stability – By combining moving the weight of the engine and tanks to the chassis with a minimal 120mm tail overhang, the Hydradig’s centre of gravity has been lowered and increased stability, especially when working off tyres over the side.
  • Manoeuvrability – 4-wheel and crab steering ensures the machine can work in the most confined site with ease. In addition, the ‘Reverse steer’ option means no matter which way you’re facing, the steering orientation is correct.
  • Mobility – A top speed of 40kph combined with a stepless transmission and T4i 81kW engine ensures the Hydradig can travel quickly between sites, increasing the machine’s flexibility by reducing additional transport costs.
  • Serviceability – By moving the engine and tanks to the chassis, all service points on the Hydradig are easily accessible from the ground. 500 hour greasing on all dig end, dozer and stabiliser pivot points means the machine greasing intervals are matched to overall service intervals saving you time and money.

Machine Specifications

  • Operating Weight: 10,208 / 11,457kg
  • Maximum Engine Power: 81kW
  • Dig Depth: 3.31 – 4.41m
  • Dig Reach: 6.46 – 8.02m

Hydradig 110W Wheeled Excavator