HDT5 Dumpster

The compact, efficient JCB dumpster is an indispensable piece of kit for restricted sites. With a 500 kg load capacity and a 1450 mm tip height, it’s no wonder JCB dumpsters are so popular with everyone from local authorities to tool and plant hire businesses.

The JCB HTD5 dumpster is a compact, walk-behind, hightip device that’s over 20 times more effective than the traditional wheelbarrow. Ideal for use with a JCB micro excavator, it’s powered by a 5.9 hp economical diesel engine and has a choice of manual or electric start.

2-speed tracking provides a low speed for precision and control in tight spaces, with a fast speed for travelling across site. A track lock as standard stops the machine creeping when parked on a hill.

The JCB HDT5 Dumpster is equipped with:

  • Maximum machine width of 690mm – fits through standard 750 mm doorway
  • 1450mm tip height – tips directly into a skip or high-sided vehicle
  • Fold down engine cover gives easy access for daily checks, servicing and maintenance

Machine Specifications

  • Maximum Engine Power 4.4kW
  • Maximum Travel Speed 4kph
  • Maximum Loader Capacity 500kg

HDT5 Dumpster