FP 1540W

The 91 kg FP1540W is a much heavier, wider, more powerful forward vibratory plate than the FP1030W. It’s still smooth to operate, tough and low maintenance.

The JCB FP1540W forward vibratory plate is 50% heavier and 71% more powerful than the FP1030W, weighing in at 91 kg and powered by a 3.6 kW Honda engine. Centrifugal force is also 50% improved at 15 kN. It’s specifically designed for easy, effective compaction of asphalt, soil and other less cohesive materials.

Built for Low hand and arm vibration levels and high productivity, the FP1540W features a wear-resistant high-grade cast tamping plate for optimum durability.

It also has an oil bath lubrication system to protect its vibration bearings, shock mounts for the engine and a roll cage that also acts as a lifting bail.

The FP1540W is designed for fast travel and ultimate productivity. The options list consists of transport wheels, a water sprinkler system and rubber paving stone pads.

The JCB FP1540W forward vibratory plate is equipped with:

  • 15 kN centrifugal force
  • 3.6 kW four stroke Honda motor
  • Low hand and arm vibration
  • Designed for fast travel and productivity
  • Designed for less cohesive materials

Machine Specifications

  • Operating Weight: 91kg
  • Plate Width: 400mm
  • Maximum Engine Power: 3.6kW

FP 1540W Forward Vibratory Plates