Disc Cutter

The JCB disc cutter is a well-balanced, quiet unit designed for use with JCB Powerpacks. It can cut most materials including metals, concrete, and stone.

The JCB Disc Cutter has a tooth belt drive and totally enclosed working parts, which is ideal in dusty and dirty working conditions. The disc is protected by a steel guard, and adjustable to any of three positions, which makes it perfect for most work sites and applications.

Because it’s hydraulic, the JCB disc cutter is low maintenance (no carburettor to block), very quiet and almost vibration-free.

  • Flow regulator to prevent over-speeding
  • Adjustable guard for safety
  • One stone cutting disc and one metal cutting disc included
  • Removable handle for right or left hand operation
  • Tail hoses with flat faced quick release dripless couplings for speed of change

Disc Cutter Handheld Hydraulic Tools