Diamond Core Drill

The heavy-duty JCB diamond core drill is designed to provide an unrivalled combination of power, flexibility and reliability for all manner of diamond core drilling jobs.

Diamond core drilling is the best way to get a clean cut on both sides of the drilled hole, and JCB’s hydraulic drive provides extra benefits. For example, it can withstand prolonged use and a constant operator-applied pressure without burning out motors, clutches or gearboxes.

What’s more, the diamond core drill is over three times more powerful than a typical electric drill, meaning vastly reduced job times and a greater range of applications. In spite of all that, the motor noise is negligible.

Choose from a 2400 RPM @ 20 l/min model for 15-35 mm bits, or a 600 RPM @ 20 l/min option for 40-125 mm bits. Either can be either hand-held or rig mounted.

  • Side handle for ease of use
  • Tail hoses with quick release dripless couplings for speed of attachment change
  • Water hose port for dust suppression and cooling
  • Can be used under water for extra versatility
  • Optional core drill bits
  • Optional pressurised water hand pump
  • Optional extension rods
  • Optional centre device

Diamond Core Drill Handheld Hydraulic Tools