The 1710-1790kg CT160-80/100, with a best-in-class linear load of 10kg/cm on both drums, manoeuvre with ease on both aggregates and asphalt.

The JCB CT160-80/100 tandem roller is designed to be simple with an intuitive control layout and superior operator comfort. With a best-in-class linear load of 10kg/cm on each drum, manoeuvring on both aggregates and asphalt is seamless. The new 160 also has an easy, manually adjusted off-set allowing the operator to avoid damaging kerbs and ironwork resulting in a more precise and even finish.

The 160 is now even more straightforward to service with its new easy access points and longer service intervals as well as zero maintenance parts the new “tandem rollers are more convenient to maintain than ever”. With LiveLink now fitted as standard providing accurate hours and machine conditions you can sit comfortable knowing any breakdowns will be pre-empted. This can also link up to the rest of your fleet so you can have all your machine telematics in one place. New security features such as Geo-fencing allows you to set an operating fence, alerting you if the machine goes out of that area and pinpointing your machine location “should the worst happen”.

The new CT160 has the latest Tier 4 Final and EU5 compliant 14.5kW Kubota engine providing all important fuel economy increases without compromising on performance and you’ll no longer incur the cost and frustration of a DPF or fuel additives. The Kubota engine “installation and high lift bonnet makes it easy to carry out daily checks” from a single side allowing you keep your machine running for longer.

The CT160 – 80/100 is equipped with:

  • 800 – 1000 mm operating width
  • 14.5 kW Kubota motor
  • Versatile performance for a range of environments and surfaces
  • Best-in-class static linear load of 10kg/cm on both drums
  • JCB’s LiveLink telematics system as standard

CT 160 – 80/100 Tandem Rollers