Agriculture Attachments

Brush Grapple

  • Dual independent grapples hold irregular shaped materials in place
  • Standard load check valves provide positive clamp force
  • All cylinders are guarded for protection from damage

Grain Potato Shovel

  • Rolled backs for easy material release
  • 6 mm plate shell
  • 8 mm end plates
  • Round bar edges prevent damage to root crops
  • Heavy duty Hardox 275 toeplate (250mm x 30mm)
  • Substantial Hardox 250 wearplates (125mm x 12mm)

Grain Pusher

  • Box section construction for extra durability
  • Designed for placement of grain in storage

High Capacity Grain Fork

  • Outer sections fold in to reduce width for road travel
  • Hydraulically operated folding sections
  • Hardox tines

Muck Fork and Grab

  • Q/Hitch configuration maximises changeover time, gives improved productivity and improves operator safety.
  • This unit is ideal for handling hay and manure and cleaning up brush and limbs.
  • The clamps ensure that the load is retained whilst moving material.
  • The open design allows the operator good visibilty to the tine ends.
  • Replacement wear parts available to further extend service life.

Multi Shovel

  • Offers extra versatility over standard shovels
  • Incorporates quick release system with centre bolt alignment to aid operator
  • Replacement bolt-on toeplate as standard – prolongs attachment life
  • Removable side plates allow operator to grab various materials
  • Heavy duty grab features lateral bracing for additional strength
  • Rams and hoses protected for greater service life

Power Grab

  • This range is available in either Standard, Forged or Hardox tines to meet all operator applications
  • Q/Hitch configuration increases rapid changeover time and improves operator safety and comfort.
  • The heavy duty construction and powerful rams can cope efficiently with even the most compacted manure.
  • Replacement wear parts available to further extend service life.

Silage Defacer

  • Inverted augur design loosens and removes silage from compacted bunkers
  • Cutting action maintains original silage length and cut
  • Open frame increase visibility
  • Maintains a smooth compacted bunker face to reduce spoilage and improve palatability for livestock

Silage Shear

  • Cuts grass and maize silage from the clamp ensuring high feed quality
  • KV tines provide extra strength
  • Heavy duty design for improved durability

Single Bale Spike

  • Suitable for handling round bales up to 1.8m diameter
  • Single KV tine
  • Anti-rotation tine for improved stability

Twin Bale Spike

  • Suitable for handling two round bales up to 1.8m diameter
  • Also capable of handling large square bales
  • Features 6 KV tines for maximum bale stability


Agriculture Attachments