The latest 85z and 86c midi excavators are products of JCB’s many years of experience and insight, designed to be robust, strong and durable without compromising performance.

JCB’s 85z and 86c are high performance productive midi excavators. The new 8T range has a JCB Diesel by Kohler common rail Stage IIIB/Tier 4 final compliant engine. This boasts DOC, turbocharging and intercooler. Power is increased to 48kW at just 2200rpm, and there’s 300Nm of torque. This engine doesn’t need a diesel particulate filter (DPF), reducing servicing, increasing uptime and improving fuel efficiency.

Tractive effort and 5kph tracking speeds are class leading, ensuring high dozer capabilities and fast travel times. To increase productivity our auto kickdown motors automatically adapt to changes in terrain increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue.

85z or 86c?
Productivity can be seen to be better with either option, 86c because of the added stability, lifting capacity and larger dig end, or 85z as the operator does not have to think about whats around them, which in turn could speed up work, especially in confined spaces.

Machines like the 85z and 86c will also provide ultimate value for money, both on and off your working sites.

85z Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 8300kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 3.71m
  • Maximum dump height: 5.02m

85Z-1 Midi Excavators