8020 CTS

The 8020 CTS is designed to provide the maximum possible productivity in the mini excavator sector. To do this, we’ve optimised durability, performance, comfort, ergonomics, ease of maintenance and safety.

The 2060 kg JCB 8020 CTS mini excavator uses the same 1.1 litre Perkins 14.7 kW engine as our 801 series, but has a hydraulically extendable long undercarriage for added stability, as well as two-speed auto kickdown tracking for speedy manoeuvering on site.

There’s also a cast slew frame for great integral strength. This unique JCB mini excavator feature has also allowed us to reposition the engine and tanks towards the rear, removing the need for excessive counterweighting.

In all, the JCB 8020 CTS mini excavator is a stable, light machine that’s compatible with a huge range of mini attachments and buckets.

The JCB 8020 Mini Excavator is equipped with:

  • Well-protected hoses to minimise damage and downtime
  • Leading edge O-ring face sealing technology
  • Class-leading excavation performance, lift capacity, dig envelope and tearout
  • Powerful, torquey 14.7 kW engine
  • Large glass area and low bonnet profile for excellent visibility
  • Grouped daily service points and wide-opening service panels

Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 2067kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 2.62m
  • Maximum dump height: 2.77m

8020 CTS Mini Excavators