8010 CTS

The JCB 8010 CTS micro excavator is the larger of the two JCB micro excavators, weighing in at 1028kg. It boasts a 13.8kW engine and an extending undercarriage.

The 1028kg 8010 CTS micro excavator is a compact machine, capable of high performance in the most restricted areas, including within buildings and in rear gardens. In fact it’s the most powerful machine of its size on the market. As such, the 8010 CTS micro excavator can dramatically reduce the time and manpower (just one man plus the machine) it takes to carry out labour-intensive digging jobs.

The JCB 8010 CTS micro excavator is small enough to be trailered between sites and has a whole host of attachments for even more versatility.

No wonder the JCB micro excavators are popular with everyone from rental companies to landscapers, redevelopers, grounds care operators and DIY enthusiasts.

The JCB 8010 CTS has mounted TOPS frame for protection.

  • Undercarriage extends from 700mm to 1000mm
  • Heavier, broader footprint than 8008 CTS when needed
  • Bigger digging forces allow larger attachments
  • Tubular boom design keeps weight down
  • Hoses are routed through the boom

Machine Specifications

  • Operating weight: 1110kg
  • Maximum dig depth: 1.73m
  • Maximum dumper height: 1.79m

8010 CTS Micro Excavators