3CX Pothole Master

The JCB 3CX Pothole Master is a highly versatile backhoe loader. Adept at both pothole repairs and all-round utilities work, it represents a great investment for any local authority.

The latest JCB 3CX Pothole Master is a highly efficient backhoe loader, offering a unique combination of dedicated pothole repair features and all-round versatility for a wide range of other tasks.

The new award-winning JCB EcoMAX engine is exceptionally fuel-efficient, producing peak power and torque at very low revs. EcoMAX is also Stage 3B/Tier 4 final-compliant without relying on costly, complex after-treatment like DPF and SCR. You can expect countless other efficiency-enhancing innovations from this backhoe too, like long service intervals, Torquelock and Powershift features, high load retention, and extremely productive hydraulics.

Take a look at the JCB PotHole Master in action with Derby City Council. This machine is fitted with sweeper and patch planer attachments to help speed up pot hole repair…

As a single-machine solution for permanent pothole repairs, this backhoe loader combines a powerful patch planer and sweeper shovel with the facility to operate handheld tools. You can therefore clean, prepare and fix any pothole within a single coned-off carriageway. But you’re never limited to road repair work – based on JCB’s versatile 3CX Eco backhoe, the Pothole Master can be used for a huge variety of year-round applications.

Machine Specifications

  • Maximum Engine Power:68KW / optional 81KW
  • Maximum Dig Depth: 3.24M

3CX Pothole Master Backhoe Loaders