The vertical lift large platform 260T compact track loader with a 1179 kg rated operating capacity and producing 55.2 kW of JCB Dieselmax engine horsepower.

The large platform 1179 kg rated operating capacity JCB 260T vertical lift compact track loader incorporates a unique single boom and side entry design. Designed for comfort, safety, economy, productivity and durability in the USA (home of tracked loaders), the 260T’s 55.2 kW JCB Dieselmax engine is durable and hugely efficient.

The 260T has on average 60% better visibility and a 33% larger cab than rival manufacturers’ tracked skid steer loaders, and there are a whole host of other benefits as well. Like ergonomic controls, an extremely tough powerful boom and a low cost of ownership.

All of which helps to make JCB large platform compact track loaders 21% more productive in performance tests against the competition*.

* – Based on faster speed of getting in/out and faster startup times.

The JCB 260T is equipped with:

  • Class leading safety
  • JCB Dieselmax engine for supreme performance and efficiency
  • Class leading visibility
  • Large, comfortable, ergonomic cab
  • Class leading serviceability
  • Lowest cost of ownership

Machine Specifications

  • Operating Capacity: 1179kg
  • Operating Weight: 4628kg
  • Net Engine Power: 55.2kW

260T Compact Track Loaders