Choosing a compact excavator just got tougher with the JCB New Generation 1-2 tonne range. They have been designed and built to withstand the toughest of job sites. With long lasting components and easy, cost effective repairs, they provide minimum downtime and maximum profits.

The 19C-1 conventional tailswing offers both premium or rental specifications to help choose the right machine, plus cab or canopy options. With the simple, classic design, low cost maintenance and easy repairs equals machines tailored to your needs, why choose anything else?

The NEW JCB 19C-1 Mini Excavator is equipped with:

  • Full width rear cast counterweight gives full protection against site damage.
  • The transport weights on the 19C-1 and 19C-1 Premium allow the machines to be easily towed to wherever they’re needed making them very versatile.
  • Flat glass which is easier to replace and more cost effective than curved options, with the added benefit of sun reflecting tinted glass.
  • 180° opening bi-fold service door to access all cleaning and maintenance points with a separate, daily checks door.
  • 100% steel bodywork that withstands knocks but is cost effective to repair.
  • Bushed dig end with hoses routed through the boom and dipper for ultimate durability.
  • New Instrumentation with an integrated membrane switch immobiliser pad.

Machine Specifications

  • Operating Weight: 1910kg
  • Maximum Dig Depth: 2.426m
  • Maximum Dump Height: 2.598m

19C-1 Mini Excavators