JCB Access Scissor Lifts

JCB is entering the powered access market with the launch of a brand new JCB Access scissor lifts with a maximum platform height ranging from 4.6m (15’1”) to 13.8m (45’3”).

The range as a lift capacity from 227kg (615lbs) to 550kg (1210lbs) which means there’s a JCB Access scissor lift to cover all your requirements. In addition, a narrow 0.76m (30”) platform on two models allows access through doorways.

JCB Assess scissor lifts are certified by TUV and complies with EN280.

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Reason 1 to buy JCB Access Scissor Lifts

Reliability is ensured through:

  • Full pivot boss design on scissor pack provides proven stability and durability
  • Unique wear pads on the battery access and hydraulic doors ensuring their weight is supported when closed
  • Wheel motor protector plates
  • Large nylon bush for the scissor sliding pivot
  • Robust pothole protection system
  • Recessed scissor stops
  • Industry standard hydraulic motors
JCB Access Scissor Lifts

JCB Access

Reason 2 to buy JCB Access Scissor Lifts

Productivity and Performance

  • Fully proportional raise and drive controls
  • Creep speed allows precise movements
  • Our hand control cradle allows use inside the basket and can be mounted on all sides
  • The hand control can be used from the ground and hooked externally on either side of the machine
  • A waterproof cover on the power to platform outlet protects the socket
  • Easy to use spring clips allows the platform rails to collapse for easier manoeuvring
  • Easy to see view charge level indicator keeps you informed of battery status

Reason 3 to buy JCB Access Scissor Lifts

Ease of Use

  • Unique ‘squeeze’ door handle for easier access and egress
  • Foot operated release for the basket extension and unique roller design requiring less effort
  • Dedicated, easy to  access tie down points for easier loading and unloading
  • Large door handles on both side access panels
  • Large isolator / handle for the electronics
JCB Access Scissor Lifts
JCB Access Scissor Lifts

Reason 4 to buy JCB Access Scissor Lifts

Safety features:

  • Emergency descent and brake release are located at the rear of the machine so they can be operated if the basket is against a wall
  • Safety cut-out as standard
  • TUV certified pothole protection system
  • 3 second delay when lowering to force the operator to check surroundings before fully lowering the scissor pack
  • Certified by TUV and complies with EN280

Reason 5 to buy JCB Access Scissor Lifts


  • Access to industry leading customer support 24/7
  • Downtime in minimised thanks to built in reliability and durability